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Before Submitting your manuscript,



  1. your manuscript tests or observes a specific stage of langauge acquisition (LA) in the determined participants, or, it questions the theories of LA, it contributes to the theories of LA, describes a case (language disorders, delays or longitudinal observation of a child's LA process etc.),      OR

  2. reviews (for "Review Articles" section of the journal) the relevant literature to the depth the subject is revealed TO SYNTHESIZE THE AUTHORS' OWN PROPOSITIONS (but not just the summary of the studies carried out in the field),

  3. the manuscript has not been previously published. It has not been under consideration elsewhere and will not be submitted elsewhere for consideration before the evaluation process in JCLAD is completed.

  4. the manuscript does not contain more than 8000 words (References and Appendices are not counted). Please note that reviewers are usually unwilling to review longer manuscripts.

  5. the subject is within the field of child language acquisition (Papers in the field of language development in adults as a second or foreign language can be submitted to Journal Second and Multiple Language Acquisition-JSMULA, published by Science-res Publishing.

  6. all the cited works are listed in the References list,

  7. all the works listed in the References list are cited in the body text.

  8. nonnative English speakers are strongly recommended their manuscripts be proofread by a native(like) English speaker.



  1. Please download the MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE

  2. Please align your manuscript to the template according to the instructions in the template without changing the format, font and margins etc.




Should you need any further information, please contact the editor at















Manuscripts are submitted via e-mail, directly to the Editor:


After the submission, make sure  that you receive a reply stating that your manuscript finds the editor. If you do not receive such a reply in two days , please send your manuscript once more. You may also call the aditor at +90 2482134052 within work days, especially between 8:30 am-9:20am (local time in Turkey).




JCLAD follows a double-blind peer review process.

If the manuscripts meet the criteria given in the column to the left, they are forwarded to three reviewers simultaneously. The reviewers are kindly asked to notify the editor about whether they are going to undertake the review or not within 5 days. If a reviewer does not notify the editor within 5 days, the request is cancelled and the manuscript is forwarded to a new reviewer.

Our experience revealed that a review process is not completed within less than three months.



HOW TO FOLLOW the process of publication?

Once the editor receives a submission, he notifies the authors about the reception and any changes in the status of the manuscript (forwarding to the reviewers, receiving a report from a reviever, suggestions by the reviewers etc.).

Authors may inquire the status of their manuscript by sending an e-mail to the editor when they think the process is taking longer than they expect.





If at least two of the three reviewers suggest that the manuscript be published, the editor takes the manuscript into consideration for possible publication and forwards it to Editing stage.



Authors are requested to transfer the full copyrights for the manuscript to be published to JCLAD.





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